Comedic Quality

2007-12-11 23:39:03 by SACP

I've noticed a lot of the stuff around here just doesn't make the cut as far as comedy goes. Which got me to thinking that a lot of places usually don't make the cut. Most of the stuff has usually about 33% or less that's actually lol material. So I am proposing, to all of the top comedians to help build a site dedicated to humor. And not just bullshit same old shit load of crap that's been flying around our internets. But a site dedicated to quality humor that people can go on and know they're gonna laugh not just once or a few times or every fucking so often, but every single time. If anyone thinks they're funny enough or ingenius enough to make the cut, then please comment, pm me, whatever and I'll look at your work. Also, if you can't make the cut or if you know you're not funny but still want to contribute comment, pm me, whatever and I'll gladly let you assist in creating and updating the site. Thank you to all that appreciate a good laugh and fuck all the nonbelievers.

//update// _____ I've decided to call the site "Cutting Block Studios"

//update//_____Site will launch Jan 31, 2008.

Santa Vs. the Snowman

2007-11-12 00:43:01 by SACP

I'm making an RTS game for Christmas called Santa vs. the Snoman. The inspiration from this game came from the movie Steve Oedekerk's Santa vs. the Snowman 3D.

I just finished up the path finding for a ranged unit. took some effort. I tried creating a radius but there was a lot of complications so I decided to go with an invicible circle and just hit test it. The down side is it is takes up more bytes and is a teeny bit harder on the computer but all this kind of stuff adds up.


2007-08-05 19:09:03 by SACP

The best kind of threads to post are threads that draw out all the weird stories people have. Also, most people on NG don't have lives outside of the internet [no offense to those of us that do. trust me. i feel your pain] So my second kind of thread to post is the kind that makes everyone on NG feel excluded or awkward. For instance, my premac post has 100 views and no replies whatsoever[a record maybe?]. Which makes me think no one on NG knows what it means, which I seriously doubt. The internet and especially NG is breeding ground for slang. But if any of you don't know what it means here you are: Pre-Mature Ejaculation//