Entry #3

Comedic Quality

2007-12-11 23:39:03 by SACP

I've noticed a lot of the stuff around here just doesn't make the cut as far as comedy goes. Which got me to thinking that a lot of places usually don't make the cut. Most of the stuff has usually about 33% or less that's actually lol material. So I am proposing, to all of the top comedians to help build a site dedicated to humor. And not just bullshit same old shit load of crap that's been flying around our internets. But a site dedicated to quality humor that people can go on and know they're gonna laugh not just once or a few times or every fucking so often, but every single time. If anyone thinks they're funny enough or ingenius enough to make the cut, then please comment, pm me, whatever and I'll look at your work. Also, if you can't make the cut or if you know you're not funny but still want to contribute comment, pm me, whatever and I'll gladly let you assist in creating and updating the site. Thank you to all that appreciate a good laugh and fuck all the nonbelievers.

//update// _____ I've decided to call the site "Cutting Block Studios"

//update//_____Site will launch Jan 31, 2008.


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2007-12-16 02:42:28

Hey I think I would like to help out.. let me know how...
But I wanna get involved and do alot of contributing.. I dont want to be like the nurse who takes my cup of sperm at the sperm bank after I did all the work you know. I mean shit if I'm going to put all this effort into fluffing, trimming and lubing then hell I wanna get some kinda credit ya know (Yeah I know it sounds like alot of work just to donate spem but hell I'm a go getterand a perfectionist).
Hell if ya wanna so called (test my funny lol) then ask me some questions or give me any random shit to rant about.
Its kinda hard to sell your funny im a pm box its like selling a playboy to michael jackson. Or selling Star Jones an apple.

SACP responds:

Good enough for me. You're on board.