Santa Vs. the Snowman

2007-11-12 00:43:01 by SACP

I'm making an RTS game for Christmas called Santa vs. the Snoman. The inspiration from this game came from the movie Steve Oedekerk's Santa vs. the Snowman 3D.

I just finished up the path finding for a ranged unit. took some effort. I tried creating a radius but there was a lot of complications so I decided to go with an invicible circle and just hit test it. The down side is it is takes up more bytes and is a teeny bit harder on the computer but all this kind of stuff adds up.


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2007-11-18 13:35:00

Sounds cool. RTS games are pretty hard to make. Good luck with it though. Also 50 frames collab should be out later today :D

SACP responds:

Yay. bout time. Yeah the RTS is gonna take me a while.