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Are We Still Friends? Are We Still Friends?

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You win.

YoinK can't rap and his lyrics are wack. Congrats.

I Rule (Hyrule) I Rule (Hyrule)

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A tear was shed upon listening to this song...

This song was fucking awesome.
That guy who made the previous one sucked.I will wait until I get better at Flash and get all the n00b kinks out of being an artist. Then I will give this song justice. I will make a flash for this. Please keep this shit up. And I'm sorry NG hasn't recognized your song with a decent movie yet.

Reroomed responds:

Yo, Brad from Reroomed.. Just wanted to say me and Keith appreciated that last comment, that song was made for people to jam to.. and that guy below.. i didn't think we ruined anything ?? but the criticism wasn't constructive either, but thanx for the stand up bro.. i'm in the middle of homework and i'm procrastinating, but we'll be in touch.. take it easy!!


MML2 Tundra Reaverbot Bat MML2 Tundra Reaverbot Bat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thank You!

This loop/song works so well in video games. I'm definitely using it in mine. Good Job.

Betty dances to death Betty dances to death

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Totally using it dude. Look for it in my next game Snake^2.

Limped responds:

Thanks man/men.

I will be sure to check it out for sure!

Floatin In Space Loop Floatin In Space Loop

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

thumb sideways !^

As far as complication, this one takes the cake. I think you did a very good job on it the only problem i it does not loop very well. Please correct this as I'd really like to put this in my game.

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mariomusicmaker1 responds:

Thanks for the review! and also thanks for your intrest in using this for a game! I will be making another version tonite and cheak your pm's.