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Fucking Amazing!

All I've got to say is thank God you remembered to submit. My official christmas favorite.


This was great! The animation is way better in this one than in the 7th episode though. I don't get it. It's like you got worse. Well whatever the reason I think you should stick with your roots cause i really liked this one.

a try. i'll give you that.

Dude. There is no funny. So what is to make up for the shitty drawings and animation. Not trying to be mean. But you're never gonna get this thing passed judgement unless you fix up the graphics. a lot. The sound was good though. Rather quite enjoyed it actually. Just try to improve. Please.

Caz responds:

Boredom has no time for quality, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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Really dropped the ball....

If you're looking for some really good tutorials, look elsewhere. The other collab these guys have done is much better. I reccomend taking a look at their '06 collab = very helpful. However, whoever put this one together really didn't know what they were doing as this one was sloppy, disorganized, and didn't feature any variation of skill level. It was all novice stuff. Please, do yourself a favor and use their other tutorial collab.


Awesome, make more please.


Awesome game. The AI was perfectly frustrating. It gives the player something to work for. Great job.

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You win.

YoinK can't rap and his lyrics are wack. Congrats.

A tear was shed upon listening to this song...

This song was fucking awesome.
That guy who made the previous one sucked.I will wait until I get better at Flash and get all the n00b kinks out of being an artist. Then I will give this song justice. I will make a flash for this. Please keep this shit up. And I'm sorry NG hasn't recognized your song with a decent movie yet.

Reroomed responds:

Yo, Brad from Reroomed.. Just wanted to say me and Keith appreciated that last comment, that song was made for people to jam to.. and that guy below.. i didn't think we ruined anything ?? but the criticism wasn't constructive either, but thanx for the stand up bro.. i'm in the middle of homework and i'm procrastinating, but we'll be in touch.. take it easy!!


Thank You!

This loop/song works so well in video games. I'm definitely using it in mine. Good Job.

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